Website Content Writer (Copywriting)

Many potentially new website owners have their own idea of what a website should look like and what it should contain. There are many who mistakenly believe that a website with lots of Flash animation will attract plenty of visitors, whereas, in reality, the only visitors, they attract are those to whom business cards have handed out. True, a website should look good, but what is it that attracts visitors? The answer is pure and simple - content. The content of your website is all important, and by "content" we don't mean pretty pictures, we mean words.

Ever since the beginning of civilisation, it has been words that have been the moving force that has started wars and revolutions, words that have led nations, words that have changed history. So it is with websites. Website's words are what drives it along, are what attracts visitors and keeps them interested. However, not just any words. The words have to be carefully chosen and should be peppered with enough spice to keep those ever-evasive search engines interested. Website words are known as content, and website content is produced by a professional writer who understands what it takes to optimise that website. Many larger organisations employ their own copywriter, specifically for their website content, something that smaller companies can be ill afforded to do. And that is where Magic Bullet comes in.

In assessing a proposed new website or a website revamp, the first thing that must be established is its purpose. In by far the majority of cases a website is there to market a product or products, or to market services. A visually appealing website holds little sway in attracting new visitors - this is done by its rich and relevant content, which should be both stylish and informative. The main objective of a website is showcased through its rich content. Your website needs to be stylish yet informative. It should be understandable and keyword rich to make the search easy. An appealing and successful website is one, which is:

  • Content-rich and visually appealing
  • Both understandable and clear about its products and services.
  • Precise and to the point, but attention-grabbing and interactive.
  • Provides the guidelines to carry out the necessary procedures for an online purchase.
  • Appeals to the imagination of the visitor in order to persuade him to become attracted to its products and services

The main objective of our seasoned SEO content writers is to provide you with good optimised content that includes effective use of keywords. Your home page reflects an image of the type of business you run, its product and its services. SEO content writing is an essential component in website design. Simple, original and search engine friendly content is the mainstay of any in-vogue site. Well-researched and keyword-rich content is an essential factor in grabbing the lion's share of the market. Magic Bullet, well-known as a content writing company, uses an experienced team of content writers who devote their creativity to your success.