Drupal Commerce (Online Shops)

E-commerce websites are becoming more and more popular, and South Africans are shopping on the Internet more than ever before. E-commerce websites that were originally set up only to sell products over the Internet are now being joined by traditional bricks and mortar businesses as their owners realise how much they are "missing out" on an alternate and very lucrative market. Starting up an e-commerce website usually brings with it the question of payment security, and clients are also faced with the task of having to update their Internet stock items as and when they change. Each of these two concerns is easily catered for when using a Drupal Commerce. With Drupal you can sell a wide variety of products, including:

  • Shipable goods
  • Downloadable "virtual" products
  • Recurrent memberships
  • Event tickets

and more. Drupal is fully customisable and there are numerous interactions that can be made with through further modules, such as discount coupons, affiliated programs and many more.

Our Strategy

By combining the Drupal content management system with its e-commerce module, we will present you with a fully integrated drupal commerce website that has a solid architecture, is easy to navigate and is optimised to give you the maximum conversion into sales.