Drupal Hosting

Magic Bullet can supply you with cost-effective website drupal hosting. Our servers are specifically optimised for Drupal. We can also manage your domain registrations, offering the full range of addresses from .com, .net and .org to .co.za.

Is your Drupal website slow?

As you might or might not know; Drupal is quite a resource-intensive system. The problem which most people are facing when it comes to Drupal websites - is that the shared (cheap) hosting packages are usually not fast / powerful enough for Drupal; which results in slow Drupal websites. This is mostly because the hosting company will either limit the amount of processing power, or the amount of memory which your website may use.

The way to solve this problem is to get your own dedicated server. This, however, is quite expensive and is overkill if you are only hosting one or two websites.

This is where we come in...

We offer you reliable, fast and secure hosting for Drupal with our Drupal Hosting service. Our Drupal Hosting service is the best choice for Hosting Drupal Websites. Our dedicated servers are backed up daily, monitored 24/7 and have a 99.9% up-time.

We don't put your website on a server with a hundred other websites. As soon as a server gets sluggish; we set up a new server to ensure you get what you pay for.

We partner with some of the most recognised website hosting companies in SA. Combined with our experience of hosting Drupal websites, we can ensure your website is stable and delivers high-performance.

Currently hosting your Drupal website somewhere else?

Migrating from your existing provider is simple - just leave that to us.

We have been developing and hosting Drupal Websites since 2009.  This means we have built up significant knowledge of creating stable, secure and fast Drupal hosting environments.

Product Overview Email Standard Advanced Master
Monthly Fee* R 99 R 149 R 299 R 399
99.9% Website Up-time Yes Yes Yes Yes
Hosting Features Email Standard Advanced Master
One Free Domain Name (.co.za / .com) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Control Panel Yes Yes Yes Yes
Disk Space N/A 10 GB 15 GB 20 GB
FTP Accounts N/A 3 7 15
Databases (MySQL) N/A 10 20 50
Data Transfer Per Month N/A 10 GB 15 GB 20 GB
Parked Domains N/A 1 2 5
Website & Database Backups (last 7 days) N/A Yes Yes Yes
Email Features Email Standard Advanced Master
Email (Pop3) Addresses 25 25 50 100
Web-mail Yes Yes Yes Yes
Alias forwarding Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mailbox auto-responder Yes Yes Yes Yes
Anti-virus scanning Yes Yes Yes Yes
Anti-spam filter Yes Yes Yes Yes
Monthly Fee* R 99 R 149 R 299 R 399

We are absolutely committed to providing reliable and secure Drupal Hosting service for your business or personal website. Magic Bullet offers a number of Drupal Hosting packages to suit a wide variety of requirements. We strongly encourage our clients to have the sites we have designed hosted on our servers. This will avoid problems that may occur in the future that are due to web servers being configured slightly differently from ours.